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ΔWelcome to the home of Ace of SpadesΔ

I made this video myself for one of my friends..
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Helegrod Walkthrough

Sixwitch, Jun 17, 11 2:59 PM.
Hey all this is the walkthrough for helegrod courtesy of wiki plus a couple videos of 2 final bosses,but there not that instructional as the rift ones(only decent 2 i could find of helegrod)

Anyway give the walkthrough a look if u wish


"Helegrod... Once a dwarf-hold in the Misty Mountains, until the coming of a great dragon. Though the dragon has long since perished, and the ice of many long winters has engulfed the ruins, rumours out of the North speak of a terrible shadow returning to the frozen halls..."




Helegrod is a raid instance intended for a full raid group of 24 players.

The entrance is located at the top of The Bitter Stair [17.9S, 2.2W], in the far northern reaches of the Misty Mountains.


From the entrance, either head down the hill to the south-east, or up to the gates in the east. Choosing to go down the hill leads through numerous pulls of elite bears up to Coldbear. Although it is not necessary to do this encounter in order to progress, he has a small chance to drop a two-handed axe that is coveted by Champions and other melee classes, as well as the possibility of other loot. The fight is very easy, and once he is down head back and proceed to the gates in the east.

Pulling the guards at the gate activates the encounter. Defeat all mobs except for one (such as the Gorthorog, who can easily be distinguished from the others and pulled away). Keep a tank and Minstrel on the Gorthorog to prevent more waves of mobs from spawning. The rest of the raid should run through the gate and up to the drums in order to defeat the four Krahjarn Drummers. The Drummers need to be defeated at approximately the same time, or they will revive each other. Once they are down, head back to the Gorthorog and finish him off.

Going past the drums leads up to a large stairwell with a gate at the top. The gate will open, revealing The Servants Four. The encounter begins as soon as someone steps beyond the gates, and they will stay open throughout the fight. The encounter resets when someone with aggro runs out, so stay inside unless you are intentionally resetting the fight.

There are now three ways to proceed, each leading to a boss encounter. All three of these bosses must be defeated in order to fight the undead dragon Thorog.

The gateway to the north-east leads higher into the mountains, through many Giants that can hurl boulders for great distances and also knock unwary players off the edge of a cliff. Players will eventually reach Storvagun, the leader of the Giants.

The Drake Halls

The doorway to the east is guarded by several groups of Angmarim, and leads deep into the halls of the former Dwarf stronghold. It has been overrun by Drakes, Worms and more Angmarim. Watch out for groups of drake eggs lying around, as running too close to them will cause four Drakelings to spawn. Clear the first hall of enemies, then head up the main ramp to a closed gate. Position a player next to each of the two levers located on either side of the main gate. Activating the levers at the same time will cause the gates in the north and south of the hall to open, revealing a Drake and lever in both. It will also spawn a Drake and four Drakelings by the main gate. Once the levers in the north and south have been activated, the main gate will open.

Head on through the next areas, which contain a lot more Drakes, Worms and eggs, until you reach two Hill-men in front of a ramp. Do not approach them until everyone is prepared. Have Lore-masters use Blinding Flash on both of the Hill-men, with Burglars ready to provide a backup stun/mezz. If either of them reaches the room at the top of the ramp, they will bring back a large group of Hill-men, and both groups together are very difficult to defeat. Defeat them, then pull either of the Hill-men groups. It is possible to proceed without pulling the second group, as long as everyone in the raid makes sure to keep their distance while going by.

The next hallway or two are uneventful, with the normal groups of mobs. Continue through until you reach a massive hall with a large platform in the middle, on which the Grisgart encounter takes place. Keep in mind that all of the eggs will become active once the encounter begins, and spawn a group of hatchlings if anyone gets too close.

The Spider Caves

The cave entrance to the south-east leads into a large expanse of tunnels filled with spiders. It is favorable to bring at least a few Champions for this area, as their area-of-effect damage can be used to maximum effect. Hunters to cure the countless poisons are also a great help. The first few pulls are easy, so clear them until you reach a cavern with three groups of Hill-men and a large Spider-queen who patrols in between them. Although it is possible to take on the whole room at once, pulling the Hill-men groups one at a time makes it easier on the raid.

To be continued...


Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale
53 Coldbear Arch-nemesis Bear 0 147,552
51 Adhargal Arch-nemesis Man 0 134,500
51 Ansach Arch-nemesis Man 0 134,500
51 Breosal Arch-nemesis Man 0 134,500
51 Grisgart Arch-nemesis Man 0 134,500
53 Storvâgûn Arch-nemesis Giant-kind 7 215,000
52 Zaudru Arch-nemesis Spiders and Insects 6 140,000
54 Drugoth Arch-nemesis Ancient Evil 7 147,500
54 Thorog Arch-nemesis Dragon-kind 10 310,500


In the distant north of the linked valleys of the Misty Mountains lie the frozen halls of Helegrod. Once it was a great Dwarf-hold, home to treasures dug from mountain mines, secure against cold winds and rancorous Orcs, but its glittering riches and mountaintop fires caught the eye of a Dragon called Thorog. It descended on Helegrod and laid claim to the fortress until the coming of Durin V, who led a company of Dwarves against the beast.

Thorog perished, but his defeat cost the lives of many brave Dwarves, including Durin. The survivors, blood-stained and grieving, felt the shadow of Thorog was too great to ever forget. They emptied their treasuries and withdrew, abandoning Helegrod and the corpse of Thorog to the ice.

The path to Helegrod is a steep and snowy stretch marked by Dwarf-made columns and known now as the Bitter Stair. After the flight of Durin’s Folk, Helegrod’s halls lay empty for countless long winters.

The main gate of Helegrod is a true testimony of dwarven craftmanship. Here, blazing Dwarf-torches warn of the scarred and evil-tinged halls abandoned beyond. All the great gates of Helegrod bear carvings of the dragon Thorog, who slew so many here and was slain himself too.


Some of the bosses drop a special item, that can be exchanged for a piece of the Helegrod armour set. There is a different set for each class. In early days these were wanted for their stats, however now they are wanted mainly for cosmetic purposes. Here are some examples:

Helegrod Armour
Captain Lore-master Captain (Level 65) Warden (Level 65)
Helegrod Armour Captain.jpg Helegrod Armour Lore-master.jpg War-captain's Armour (Level 65).jpg Spear-shaker's Armour (Level 65).jpg

External Links

  • Lorebook Walkthrough for Helegrod: [1]

Rift video walkthrough's and walkthrough sheet..

Sixwitch, Jun 17, 11 1:21 PM.
Hi everyone here is The Rift walkthrough page from wiki and 8 videos showing you each of the eight bosses in The Rift,you might want to take a look at before we start raiding and to get an idea of what we will be doing

But when we raid we will be using teamspeak anyway,so I can instruct you on voice,but the youtube videos are awesome too watch

Enjoy guys

The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu

A view from inside the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu.
The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu
Location Northeastern Angmar
Resets Thursday morning (Weekly reset)
Type 12-Player Raid Instance
Bosses 8 (see encounters)



"In the far northeast corner of Angmar, the Angmarim in their desperation have opened a long-sealed door and begun mining for obsidian and iron in a place simply known as The Rift. They have uncovered long since forgotten tales and evils. The Rangers of Gath Forthnír, led by the Elf-lord Iorelen, are now keeping tabs on this expedition and need your help!"

"Within the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, Angmar mines for the ore they need to arm their legions. In their search for iron, they have uncovered the home of the Eldgang, as well as a hidden evil, ancient beyond knowledge...."


During the First Age, a mighty city once stood. Eventually, it fell into ruin, and was lost until the Fire-giants (or Eldgang as they call themselves) found and later inhabited this underground lair. It was known in the Black Speech as the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu. More Info

The entrance is located in the far north-east corner of Angmar, beyond the Gate of Gath Uior [9.2N, 19.6W]. There is a friendly ranger outpost with a campfire for Hunters called Iorelen's Camp [10.8N, 15.5W] a little to the south-west of the entrance.





Troll-keeper and Cave-troll

The Cave-troll has two buffs on him while the Troll-keeper lives, Wild Rage and Master's Command, the former making his attacks cause greater damage, and the latter causing him to attack targets at random. It is believed that the Troll-keeper also heals the Troll. For these reasons, the Troll-keeper should always be taken down first. Keep the Troll near the Keeper or he will begin to make more powerful attacks.

Slave-master, Hillmen Slave and four Hillmen Workers

Crowd-control the Hillmen Slave as soon as possible. She will heal the mobs near her with Blood Gift and uses Blood Pact Protection on the Slave-master/Workers if she isn't incapacitated. The Slave-master should be either taken down first or crowd-controlled by a second Lore-master. He can cast an Aura of Command buff, so Champions will need to use Clobber as much as possible to interrupt him when he is casting. If he manages to cast the buff and there are still Workers around, the raid will most likely wipe.

A good strategy is to mezz the Slave and cast a root on the Workers. A second Lore-master will then mezz the Slave-master, resulting in only a few Workers coming running. If the Slave-master mezz fails or is not available, take him down first while using AoE attacks on the Workers, then take the Slave down last.

Alternately, mesmerize the Slave Master, and have everyone gather as closely as possible on the Slave and focus all fire on her. The Hillmen Guard will all then be in close enough proximity to receive the Blood Pact damage that the Slave absorbs. Finish the Slave once the Guards are down, then finish with the Slave Master. Very fast and effective!

Slave-master and six Pale-folk Miners

The pull includes a Slave-master and six Pale-folk Miners, with the occasional two Hillmen Guards. Tank or crowd-control the Slave-master while taking down the Miners and Hillmen Guards. Deal with the Slave-master last.

Summoner and Fire-worms

Take down the summoner first, since he will keep summoning more Fire-worms. Either crowd-control or AoE the Fire-worms in the meantime.

Alternately, keep the summoner mesmerized, and stay on one person's target for the worms.

Fumarole, Searing Úrfon and Ghâshfra adds

Take care when proceeding onto the islands in the lava. Stay on the right-side of the path to avoid two of the Fumaroles. When a Fumarole pops up, focus all DPS on taking it down. A few Searing Úrfon may spawn while the Fumarole is up, but this can be significantly reduced or even entirely prevented by Champions using Clobber (Fumaroles are immune to Burglar's Addle). The Úrfon deal about 150 Fire damage with their attack, and reflect an equal amount of damage received back at their attackers, making them difficult to defeat. Good ways to deal with them are to either single-target DPS them down or ignore them, as they will not attack and de-spawn after about 30 seconds if they are not attacked. Ghâshfra orcs will come running in in clusters of three. Mezz the ranged orcs while the current Fumarole is active, then take the orcs down with ranged damage or line-of-sight them in close so that more Fumaroles aren't spawned before the raid is ready.

When fighting the Fumarole before the ramp, have someone run forward and evoke the Everseer's script. This will stop the Orc-adds from coming.



Follow the procedures above to deal with the trash mobs. There will be quite a few before getting to the friendly giant.

Asmólf the friendly giant

Pull the mobs around Asmólf in small groups to make things easier. Once all mobs around him are defeated, have the raid stand on the wall opposite of him, with one player moving up to Asmólf to trigger the event. The giant will start talking, and the player should head back to the raid party. Several groups of mobs will attack Asmólf, but don't get involved since he can take care of them himself and more waves keep spawning.

From the cave with the giant, you will see ramps leading up to the first two bosses on either side of the cave. Head up the east ramp first, clearing trash pulls until reaching Barz. Make sure the entire room is cleared of mobs, since additional aggro on Barz could cause a wipe.

Now proceed to clear back to and past the west ramp. Here you will find and must defeat Zurm.

Once they are both dealt with, head back to Asmólf, who will open up a portal behind him to the next area.

Note: You can defeat Barz & Zurm in either order; the second gains a special ability. However Barz is more difficult than Zurm, and his special ability is worse, so it is recommended to defeat Barz first and Zurm second.

Three giants and a bartering vendor

You will run into these giants just beyond the portal that Asmólf opened up. They might be in combat with a group of Ghâshfra Butchers, in which case you can help them out a little if you want. Just make sure that the Butchers remain aggro'd on the giants, who can easily handle them. Once they are down, grab all the quests from the giants and exchange obsidian rocks for Rift Coins. Soon another wave of Butchers will come running. Do not engage them in battle; instead let the giants take care of them.

About 6 minutes after the last Butcher spawn, another will come running. They run right through the path you will be using to get to Frûz, so it is very important to time your pulls and fight out of their path when possible.

The pulls up to Frûz are either the Summoner and Fire-worms or a regular pull of Orcs. Defeat them or kite them back into the giants. It can be a bit faster to kite them, but also risky since you will need to run back and forth along the Butchers' path.

Proceed to defeat Frûz.

Once he is down, proceed through the tunnels until you get to Zogtark. Clear out the entire area of mobs before moving in on his Elder Drakes.

When Zogtark is defeated, head through the gate that the Elder Drakes guarded.

Fumarole islands

This can be a very tricky area. There are three islands with four Fumaroles on the first, one on the next and one on the last. Do not rush onto the islands. The trick is to stick in a tight group and move forward slowly until finding a Fumarole. Once you do, don't move. Lay as much damage as you can on it, and make sure that classes with interrupt abilities such as Clobber use them as much as possible. This will prevent Searing Urfons from spawning. Once the Fumarole is down, move slowly forwards until you find the next one and repeat the process. More information on dealing with the adds can be found in the Mobs section above.

Note: You can avoid some of the Fumaroles by staying to the right on each platform.
Note: It is no longer possible to run the raid through the lava.

After the Fumaroles you will encounter Narnûlubat. He is standing in front of the Ever-Seer, who leaves once the fight begins.

Pass through the gate portal after he is defeated, and you will enter a small area with a few trash mob pulls before you reach a gate. Opening the gate will start the Shadow-Eater encounter, so make sure no one opens it before the raid is prepared.

Defeat them and head through another gate, which will bring you to a large arena. Head down into the pit to start the Thrâng encounter.

There are two more areas beyond Thrâng, and the first does not contain any mobs, so run on through. Upon entering the second you will encounter Glathlírel behind the pillar on the right, who will begin the Thaurlach encounter when someone approaches her.

Boss Encounters

Level ↓ Name ↓ Difficulty ↓ Species ↓ Dread ↓ Morale ↓
51 Barz Arch-nemesis Troll 5 141,420
51 Zurm Arch-nemesis Troll 5 141,420
52 Frûz Arch-nemesis Troll 5 165,250
51 Zogtark Arch-nemesis Orc 5 138,633
52 Narnûlubat Arch-nemesis Orc 5 153,247
53 Shadow-Eater Arch-nemesis Nameless 5 156,360
53 Thrâng Arch-nemesis Orc 7 144,630
54 Thaurlach Arch-nemesis Balrog 10 234,940








This 12 player raid instance features a set of unique boss-drop barter items that can be turned in for incomparable-quality class gear. One unique barter item exists for each of the weapons and armor pieces regardless of class, which means that all of the players will have to roll on the same barter items. Since each boss drops the same barter item(s) each time, some pieces of the set will be harder to obtain. For a complete list of bartering vendors and set pieces for the Rift, click here.

Chest Drops

Item Chest from Boss Armour Piece
Near Perfect Sapphire-icon.png Near Perfect Sapphire Barz and Zurm Boots
Sparkling Diamond-icon.png Sparkling Diamond Frûz Gloves/Gauntlets
Glinting Amethyst-icon.png Glinting Amethyst Zogtark Leggings
Glowing Red Ruby-icon.png Glowing Red Ruby Narnûlubat Chest
Pristine Opal-icon.png Pristine Opal Thrâng Helm
Dazzling Emerald-icon.png Dazzling Emerald Thaurlach Shoulders
Firey Quartz-icon.png Firey Quartz Thaurlach Weapons and shields.

Barter Items

In your journeys of The Rift you'll find Obsidian Rock-shard-icon.png Obsidian Rock-shard and Scrap of Rift-iron Ore-icon.png Scraps of Rift-iron Ore. These can be used to barter with the Fire-giants (Eldgang) for Rift-iron Coin-icon.png Rift-iron Coins. The giants are found in Upper Noruidor, the area after Bornabar with Barz and Zurm. 3 Obsidian Rock Shards or 5 Scraps of Rift-Iron Ores can be exchanged for 1 Rift-iron Coin. The coins can be used to barter with the Rangers at Iorelen's Camp [10.8N, 15.5W] for mini-sets and consumables.


The folk of Middle-earth’s northern lands have long held the name of Angmar in dread, but in that fell kingdom are places that cause even the minions of Mordirith to tremble. At the feet of the Mountains of Angmar lies the terrible land of death and decay, Gath Uior. Even the Orcs and evil Men who gather there fear what lurks behind the great portal that leads under the mountains. It is said that ever-vigilant guards watch the gates, which were hewn long before the Witch-king first came to Angmar – not to keep enemies out, but to keep something in.

The Wise say that behind that portal is a passage into a place called, in the Black Speech of the Enemy, the “Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu.” Nûrz Ghâshu is little more than a legend among the Free Peoples of Eriador, but like all legends there is some grain of truth to it. Rumour tells of a breed of giants who dwell therein, as well as something far greater, far more terrifying. Whether these tales are true or not, Angmar is preparing to take the Rift and to unleash the great evil that might dwells there... [1]


The Rift Strategy at POOH.CZ

Rift Guide - Forum Post compilation

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